Who is HEYZO?

HEYZO is a membership-based Japanese porn website. Most of movies are HEYZO originals. As a member, you can stream whenever you'd like.
Misa Makise

Beautiful Girl’s After School Life No.2

Riku Kozakura

~Beautiful Girl's Gorgeous Skin~

Chie Aoi

Gets Multiple Orgasms and Squirts

Specialities of HEYZO!

  • フルHD高画質映像でくっきり

    Filled with convenient features to enjoy porn movies in Full HD

    The high quality video is provided in 1920 x 1080 pixels, reproducing the vivid colors and fine details of images. You can enjoy watching overwhelmingly high quality video. Full of convenient features, such as cue function to skip to the favorite scene, for more enjoyable Full HD streaming viewing! You can enjoy watching in comfort.

  • 約 ¥138円/日 レンタルより安く簡単

    Great value for the money!

    Unlimited access to high quality, excellent videos for only about $1 per day (with annual plan subscription)! The best entertainment is yours for just one buck!

  • オリジナル HEYZO企画 x 女優指名

    Enjoy numerous HEYZO original videos!

    There are many HEYZO original videos that cover famous popular actresses, amateurs, mature women, and other genres.

  • スマホでも いつでもどこでも視聴可能

    You can watch on your smart phone regardless of where you are!

    You can have access to HEYZO whenever you wish from mobile devices like tablet, iPhone, and Android. Our website is accessible in various network and communication settings, so please feel free to use it from anywhere without additional fees.

  • 個人情報の保護 安心で万能なセキュリティー対策

    Personal information is carefully protected by total secure system

    Personal information is carefully protected and securely processed by industry standard cryptography (digital ID), which is used by military, financial institutions and small merchandise applications. There's no need to worry about any exploitation from third parties or other industries.

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What's better than free sites

  • Stunning HD

    Stunning HD

    Free video sites offer inferior picture quality, so you may not be able to see what you want to see well or may not be able to concentrate due to noise. Most of the videos on HEYZO are in full HD. You can enjoy clear and vivid images even on a large screen TV because of the high picture quality.

  • 圧倒的な高画質

    Full movies with lots of highlights

    Have you ever experienced that many of the movies on free video sites have short playback times of 5 to 20 minutes, and you end up not being able to find a place to pull it out? Many of the videos on HEYZO are about an hour long, so there is tons to see! Enjoy the rich time!

  • Your computer is safe

    Your computer is safe

    Most free websites benefit from advertisements, hence some malicious sites embed viruses and spyware to your computer by simply accessing to them. To avoid such harm as pop-ups covering your screen, please join HEYZO.

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