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  • $48Sign Up$1.6 per day
    • ・Unlimited streaming with mobile or PC
      ・Without mosaic
      ・Save movie files to your computer
      ・Daily Download Limit (one day) 3 movies
    • Try using HEYZO for the 1st time

  • $128Sign Up About $1.4 per day
    • ・Unlimited streaming with mobile or PC
      ・Without mosaic
      ・Watch Deluxe movies & GET files
      ・Daily Download Limit (one day) 4 movies
    • Use service economically & in long term

  • $248Sign Up About $1.4 per day
    • ・Unlimited streaming with mobile or PC
      ・Without mosaic
      ・Watch all HEYZO movies
      ・Daily Download Limit (one day) 5 movies
    • Watch any movie & GET files

Security & Login System


We utilize a secure protocol for transmitting data securely over the World Wide Web together with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology on Identity and Billing Information.

Login System D2PASS

D2Pass is a secure and convenient Common Network Login System where you only need one login ID to access to multiple websites.
Once registered, you can purchase memberships of any other websites using the D2Pass system by simply entering your password.


Your membership will be automatically renewed. If, for any reason, you would like to cancel your account with us, please fill out and submit a cancellation form. You must cancel your membership at least one day before your next billing cycle to avoid automatic recurring charges.

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